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MKS, the pedal brand of Mikashima Industrial Company Limited, has been synonymous with quality and innovation in pedal manufacturing for over 70 years. Originally founded in 1943 as an aircraft component manufacturer, the company shifted its focus to pedal production in 1946 and was established as a limited company in 1949.

Unique Quality and Durability

  • Historical Mastery: Led by the Ogino family and currently under the direction of President Toshiyuki Ogino, MKS has prevailed where many others have failed. Of the 40 pedal manufacturers in 1946, only two remain today.
  • Specialized Materials: MKS uses high-quality materials such as the tougher aluminum alloy ADC6 and cold-forged Japanese steel to create pedals that are not only functionally superior but also exhibit exceptional durability.

Technological Innovations and Craftsmanship

  • Cold-Forged Precision: Cold forging technology allows MKS to develop precise and wear-resistant products that undergo stringent quality controls.
  • Shock and Corrosion Resistant Pedal Bodies: The use of aluminum alloys results in pedals that are both shock-resistant and corrosion-free.

Chosen by Professionals: MKS Pedals in KEIRIN Racing

MKS is the only approved manufacturer of pedals for professional KEIRIN track racing. This recognition underscores the extraordinary quality and performance of MKS pedals, which hold up even in the demanding world of racing.

Synergies in Production

The expertise from automobile parts production is integrated into the manufacturing of MKS pedals, generating synergistic effects that further enhance product quality.

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